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Survivor Series Green Seven-Strand 550 Paracord 500’ Spool

PARACORD always stocks items, like Paracord, that you can get the utmost use out of. For decades soldiers have used paracord, also known as “550 cord”, for attaching gear to themselves and vehicles, for putting up camouflage and for securing tents. As many tools have done over the years, paracord made its way from military gear to civilian application and has become a must-have for sports enthusiasts, campers and survivalists. You will find that its applications are limitless and that it is one of the handiest items you can have. has a large variety of Paracord in a variety of colors and quantities to choose from. You will also find micro cord and trip line, here, plus, items like survival bracelets and keychains that are woven of paracord.

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  • What is paracord?
    Paracord, also called “550 cord,” is a nylon kernmantle rope, which is a type of rope that has an inside core of several fibers that is wrapped in a woven outer covering. The basic idea is that the several inside fibers give the rope greater tensile strength and the outer covering maximizes the durability and flexibility.
  • Why is it called “550 cord”?
    Paracord started out as the lines for parachutes during W.W.II but the military at-large uses it for a variety of purposes. Soldiers refer to it as “550 cord” because it is rated with a breaking strength of 550 lbs.
  • What is paracord used for?
    Since, its appearance, soldiers have used it for attaching gear to themselves and vehicles, for putting up camouflage and for securing tents. The fibers on the inside of the cord have been used for sewing and fishing, in a pinch. The outside covering has been used as bootlaces, once the core was pulled out.
  • Why do I need paracord?
    Its applications are limitless because, along with tying stuff down, it can be used to build shelters, to wrap a knife handle for a no-slip grip, to make woven bracelets or belts, to secure a splinted injury, to set-up a perimeter alarm and to even floss with.
  • What quantities does it come in?
    We have paracord in rolls and bundles from 300 feet to 100 feet and in hanks of 50 feet, in a variety of colors. There are also several items like survival bracelets, belts and key chains that are woven of paracord.